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General Info

Modern Myanmar

…there is an emerging ‘hipster’ scene Myanmar/Burma is more than just Fishermen on Inle Lake and Pagodas. In fact these are now for the most part just a
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Visa Stuffs

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT just try to turn up to Myanmar without having sorted out some sort of visa first, you will be lucky if you even make
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Money Money Money

Dollar bills and Kyat chat. I was confused about the money situation before I left for Myanmar causing me to have a stressful last minute panic looking for
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Foreigner Fee Politics

You end up frustrated with the people, the hoteliers, the expensive bus ticket sellers that you just know are ripping you off, this annoying bloody foreigner fee that
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Tourism in Myanmar

Floating down the Lemro river on my way to visit tattooed women in a Chin Village in very Western Myanmar, here are my thoughts. ‘I wonder where Myanmar
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