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Buses Archive

Mrauk U FAQs

There isn’t too much information out there about Mrauk U it is a bit off of the beaten path and complex to get there. It can be hard
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Bagan FAQS

There is so much information about Bagan floating around the internet it can be hard to find the exact answer to a simple question you may have. So
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Horrible Pathein

Pathein: A riverside town on the way from Yangon to Ngwesaung. Talk to any backpacker that has taken the bus from Yangon to the beach town of Ngwesaung,
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Foreigner Fee Politics

You end up frustrated with the people, the hoteliers, the expensive bus ticket sellers that you just know are ripping you off, this annoying bloody foreigner fee that
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Mrauk U need to know

Many visitors get confused with how to pronounce Mrauk U. It is pronounced “Meow ooo”, make sure you get that right or you’ll end up in Nyaung-U like
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The Bagan Scam

It was not love at first site with Bagan, I actually hated it within minutes of arriving on the overnight bus from Inle Lake. After 7 hours on
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