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Monks Archive

Ngwe Saung Village

The christmas jingle bell sound of horses woke me up, and also Philipps elbow in the face. If you can be bothered and have the time it’s nice
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What to do in Mandalay

In Mandalay city itself there isn’t much to see, apart from The Royal Palace, it’s better to get out the city for the more interesting sights. I didn’t
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Sunsets and Sunrises in Bagan

These aren’t just another of those South East Asian sunrises/sets, if you’ve been travelling in the area for a while you’ll understand. But this really is the Marks
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Magical Bagan

Bagan is a dream and my hands down favourite place that I visited in Myanmar. You can keep your Ankor Wats, Great Walls of China and Borobadours, this
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