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Myanmar Travel Blog Archive

A Mrauk U Sunrise

What an adventure climbing up to the top of the jungle covered hill to get to a deserted Pagoda that had been taken back by nature with no
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Inle Lake FAQs

There is so much information about Inle Lake it can be hard to find the exact answer to a specific and straight forward question you may have. So
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Visa Stuffs

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT just try to turn up to Myanmar without having sorted out some sort of visa first, you will be lucky if you even make
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Money Money Money

Dollar bills and Kyat chat. I was confused about the money situation before I left for Myanmar causing me to have a stressful last minute panic looking for
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Foreigner Fee Politics

You end up frustrated with the people, the hoteliers, the expensive bus ticket sellers that you just know are ripping you off, this annoying bloody foreigner fee that
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What to do in Yangon

I only spent a couple of days in Yangon, I liked it, its a pretty city, with a nice amount of busy-ness and interesting normality happening around you.
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