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Pagodas Archive

Mrauk U FAQs

There isn’t too much information out there about Mrauk U it is a bit off of the beaten path and complex to get there. It can be hard
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A Mrauk U Sunrise

What an adventure climbing up to the top of the jungle covered hill to get to a deserted Pagoda that had been taken back by nature with no
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What to do in Mandalay

In Mandalay city itself there isn’t much to see, apart from The Royal Palace, it’s better to get out the city for the more interesting sights. I didn’t
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Top 10 Bagan Temples

I can’t remember the names, if I even knew them to begin with, of most of my favourite Temples and Pagodas in Bagan. Yes I did study the
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Magical Bagan

Bagan is a dream and my hands down favourite place that I visited in Myanmar. You can keep your Ankor Wats, Great Walls of China and Borobadours, this
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